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Matthew Kerby
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Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Country of Residence: Canada Canada
Country of Birth: Canada Canada
Nationalities: Canadian Canadian
Citizenships: Canada Canada
Languages: English
User is: Offline
User Joined: September 4, 2013
Last Login: July 29, 2014
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About Me   About Me
Whether as a business undergraduate in Alberta, or due to the fact that I drive a mini-van instead of a truck, I have always felt like something of a strange person in a strange land. Although I was ranked among the top in my faculty, I have always felt reluctant to join the conventional world of business.

Throughout my life I have chose to trade conventional ambition for a path less traveled. In a time where countless other’s my age are willingly subservient to the dictum of the “grind,” I am instead interested in positions that fulfill me and contribute to something beyond myself.

In an age where droves of undergraduates are mesmerized by the prospect of occupying idyllic positions at the helm of esteem and privilege, I instead wrestled with greatly ignored issues such as: economic and social responsibility, peak oil and environmental degradation. Whether my convictions stemmed from the fact that I have been the drummer for local Edmonton band, Feast or Famine for the past five years, am a rural Albertan at heart, or just due to the fact that that I spent time abroad involved in various humanitarian initiatives such as Project Hope. I was exposed to everything from the slums of Nicaragua to the killing fields of Cambodia. Regardless, for a long time I have been certain that my future does not lie in Real Estate.

Ultimately, it was out of love for entrepreneurialism as opposed to wealth that kept me in school. Likewise, these two concepts are not unlike the difference between wisdom and knowledge, and in allegiance to pursuing the former, I have always tried to create something better for others and myself. It has always been about the connection to others and the relationships created.

When my peers are gearing up for internships fetching coffee at prestigious business firms, I instead live my life with the inkling that a character driven existence is more valuable than a paint by numbers path to retirement, and that whether in business or self-discovery, true innovation only arrives when a rare few are daring enough to see the world through different eyes…and act accordingly.

Interests   Interests
     Air, Atmosphere and Climate
     Business and Economics
     Cultural Diversity
     Energy Use and Conservation
     Freedom of Expression
     Global Citizenship
     Global Education
     Political Thought
     Water Issues
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