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Mohamed Sidibay
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Gender and Age: Male, 24
Location: Maplewood, New Jersey
Country of Residence: United States United States
Country of Birth: Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Languages: English
User is: Offline
User Joined: June 25, 2010
Last Login: January 30, 2013
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About Me   About Me
My name is Mohamed Sidibay, a native of Sierra Leone, a small, beautiful country located on the West coast of Africa. As a child, I never had a normal upbringing; my childhood was forcefully taken away from me by the very adult who once said "we are the future leaders of tomorrow". The adults that took my childhood away from me and many others created a different future for other child soldiers and me. They gave me a gun instead of a pen, they told me to do drugs instead of advising me to stay away from them, and they sent me out to kill or be killed instead of sending me to school. At the age of six, I had already seen so many people killed for reasons unknown to many others and me at the time. I had taken so many drugs, killed so many people that I became what I had once dreaded not to be; A KILLER, A DRUG ADDICT and A GANGSTER. I became all those things not by choice but by choice-less choice. I felt like I had no soul, and every day I cried inside for things that I did to people against my wish, and sometimes I wished that life was different. I wish that I could have at least enjoyed my childhood and not have lived the life that no child should ever be allowed to live.

Interests   Interests
     Child & Youth Rights
     Child Labour
     Peace & Conflict
Countries Visited   Countries Visited
    United States United States [country of residence]
    Gambia Gambia
    Senegal Senegal
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