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Country of Residence: Canada Canada
Country of Birth: Canada Canada
Nationalities: Canadian Canadian
Citizenships: Canada Canada
Languages: English
User is: Offline
User Joined: December 6, 2011
Last Login: January 10, 2017
Interests   Interests
Countries Visited   Countries Visited
    Canada Canada [country of residence]
    Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda
    Aruba Aruba
    Australia Australia
    Austria Austria
    Barbados Barbados
    Belgium Belgium
    Canada Canada
    Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
    Cuba Cuba
    Denmark Denmark
    Dominica Dominica
    Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
    France France
    Germany Germany
    Iceland Iceland
    Ireland Ireland
    Italy Italy
    Jamaica Jamaica
    Japan Japan
    Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
    Mexico Mexico
    Monaco Monaco
    Netherlands Netherlands
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Norway Norway
    Poland Poland
    Portugal Portugal
    Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
    South Korea South Korea
    Spain Spain
    Sweden Sweden
    Switzerland Switzerland
    Taiwan Taiwan
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    United States United States
    Vatican City Vatican City
ekullercarreiro's Content   ekullercarreiro's Content (3)
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